No rain, but a cold day for the peloton during Flanders' Finest

1 April 2022

No warm spring day this year on April 3 during the high mass of the Flemish spring. The weather gods have decided to make it a cold day during the Tour of Flanders, with temperatures flirting with freezing at the start in Antwerp. Afterwards, however, the temperature will rise to about eight degrees and the sun should come through. 

The peloton had better wrap up warm during the start presentation in Antwerp because in the night from Saturday to Sunday the temperatures will drop below freezing and also during the morning it will not get much warmer than 1 to 2 degrees. When the riders approach the Flemish Ardennes, the sun should start shining and the temperature will rise slightly to about 8 degrees. The women will therefore be luckier during their start presentation at noon in Oudenaarde, although it will still be shivering.  

The riders will be spared rain and strong winds during this year's Tour of Flanders. A dry day is predicted with a light wind from the north to northeast. The last 8 kilometers towards Oudenaarde will therefore have to be completed with a light breeze. On to a thrilling finale that will get the fans along the track really excited!  

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