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The 103rd edition of “Flanders’ Finest” will undoubtedly continue the tradition of offering a spectacle like no other. Antwerp will once again be the epicentre of the cycling world for a day. Meanwhile, the Paterberg-Oude Kwaremont tandem impatiently awaits the arrival of the gladiators on their bicycles while the city of Oudenaarde is already gearing up for an epic climax. Cyclists and cycling fans from all corners of the world will spend months looking forward to Sunday 7 April. Because on this day, an entire nation is roused by this thrilling cycling race. And you can be there too. Our VIP arrangements give you the chance to watch the race all day long. Whether you choose the start in Antwerp, one of the legendary cobbled climbs in the Flemish Ardennes or the finish in Oudenaarde. Flanders Classics is organising a varied VIP programme for the 103rd Tour of Flanders. Choose the programme that suits you best, let yourself be immersed in our passion for cycling and enjoy a spectacular view.

VIP-Breakfast ‘ Start’ Antwerp - fully booked

VIP car ‘Start to finish’ - fully booked

VIP coach ‘Start to finish’

3x Oude Kwaremont Private Box

3x Oude Kwaremont VIP coach

Paterberg - Tailor Made

3x Ronde Van Vlaanderenstraat

Flanders Classics Club

Flanders Classics Club Private Box

VIP lunch Oudenaarde Town Hall

Exhibition Space


Publicity Caravan

The 'Ronde Fan Ride'

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