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Junior race starts and finishes in Herzele

6 February 2020

The junior-men (U19) also ride the Tour of Flanders on Sunday, April 5th. The Muur of Geraardsbergen is a prominent feature in their race as well. Unlike previous years, the junior race will not only start in Herzele, one of the 'Villages of De Ronde’ but also finish there.

The run-up through Zottegem and Brakel remains the same, as will the Muur of Geraardsbergen in a starring role with two times up De Vesten and once over the Kapelmuur itself. The Bosberg features three times in the course. After that the peloton moves to Herzele where one lap remains before we know who will succeed last year’s winner William Blume Levy from Denmark. The new winner of the junior race can dream of a wonderful future in cycling.

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