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Everything you need to know about the Tour of Flanders Juniors

6 April 2019

Sunday 7 April is undoubtedly marked in your diary. Besides the men’s and women’s race, the juniors will also compete for victory during their 51st Tour of Flanders. The start will be given at 9.25 am in Herzele. The winner will be able to celebrate around 12.45 pm on the Vesten in Geraardsbergen.

Especially for the 50th edition of the Tour of Flanders Juniors, the juniors rode last year from Geraardsbergen to Herzele. Then the Norwegian Daniel Arnes could win solo. This year, the usual course will be chosen, starting in Herzele and finishing in Geraardsbergen. 136 difficult kilometres are presented to the riders.

From Herzele, the juniors will ride to Zottegem where they will dispute two cobbled sections, the Lippenhovestraat and the Paddestraat. After that, they will go from Zwalm to Horebeke in search of the third cobbled section of the day, the Haaghoek. In Brakel, it’s time for the climbers, with hills as the Leberg and Valkenberg.

Once in Geraardsbergen, the juniors have three more local rounds ahead of them. During the first and second laps, the riders will face the Vesten and the Bosberg. The last lap is even more challenging, because the duo Muur – Bosberg is part of the final. After the Bosberg, it is 12 km to the finish. According to the fastest schedule, the juniors will arrive at 12.45 pm on the Vesten.


Programme Geraardsbergen

10.46 am: first passage juniors

11.56 am: second passage juniors

12.20 pm: third passage juniors

12.45 pm: finish juniors on the Vesten



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