Win a premium #FlandrienAtHome package!

Just like last year, Flanders Classics is launching the #FlandrienAtHome action to bring the race a little closer to you in these bizarre times. Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 measures, no public is allowed along the course of the Tour of Flanders this season, but we have been providing the ultimate watch-from-home experience for all of our races. But a monumental race like the Tour of Flanders deserves a monumental #FlandrienAtHome package, isn't that right?  

Do you live in Belgium and would you like the chance to win one of the five #FlandrienAtHome packages or even the premium box for the ultimate experience we are giving away for Tour of Flanders? Participating is easy! Fill in the form below and place your bets at our tie breaker question. Who knows, maybe you'll be watching Flanders' Finest coming to a conclusion atop the Paterberg on 4 April, with your fully equipped family bubble and a nice barbecue and beer Kwaremont is providing. Good luck!

The premium package winners will be rewarded with Lidl's brunchbox full of fresh delicacies that goes perfectly with a the good bottle of champagne they're providing. You can cheer in style with Lotto caps and the winners of the premium package will even find a signed jersey in their box. You can also read the latest updates from the peloton in the cycling magazine Het Nieuwsblad. Feel like jumping on your bike after the race? Thanks to the Proximus Ass Saver, you can do so even when it’s raining, oh btw, premium winners get an iPad too for a true second screen experience! How crazy is that? KBC's wireless earphones provide entertainment while cycling and thanks to KPMG's bicycle light you are always safe on the road. Need a list of what you can win for four people, you can find it below!  Premium items in bold.

 KBC: 4 doppler water bottles + wireless EarPods
Proximus: Voucher Proximus shop + ass saver + iPad
KPMG: bicycle lights + 4 keyfinders 
Het Nieuwsblad: caps, newspaper, tickets for the Gala van de Flandrien
Lidl: brunchbox (fruit, croissant, … )  with champagne
Lotto: Shirt signed by Philippe Gilbert  and caps 
Kwaremont: Kwaremont 6.6% and 0.3% beer + glasses + BBQ + 6L bottle