Peloton Magazine publishes Flanders Classics special

14 February 2020

Flanders Classics announces an international, extensive collaboration. Peloton Magazine, an American cycling magazine published eight times per year, will publish a unique edition this year dedicated to the six Flanders Classics Spring races. This way the story of our Spring races gets an international feel which will result in more focus on the races outside of Belgium.

Flanders Classics is looking forward to this special edition launched by Peloton Magzine. “Our Spring Classics are incredibly popular in our region but we see an increased interest in mainly the Anglo-Saxon countries. Through this new collaboration we have a unique opportunity to put the spotlight on our Flanders Classics races and convince more people to come and visit us", says Tomas Van Den Spiegel, CEO Flanders Classics.  

The newly agreed cooperation with Flanders Classics was also welcomed by Peloton Magazine’s publisher Brad Roe. “We love Belgium and we are honored to be chosen by Flanders Classics to bring these iconic races to life. This guide will not only describe each race in detail but will also be filled with features on the culture, food, beer, history and art that defines modern Belgian life.”

For those interested in the Flanders Classics edition of this American publication, a printed copy of the magazine will be available on www.pelotonmagazine.com.

From 20 February on, a digital version is available through the Apple app or Amazon.com.

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