Our winter camp challenge is taking you to Cap Formentor in Mallorca 

1 February 2021

The pro riders are on their yearly winter camps in the sunny south to prepare for the new season. And that is exactly what we will be doing from 5 to 14 February during our second challenge of the Proximus Cycling eSeries! You will virtually travel to Mallorca where a challenging winter training of 22.4 km with the climb of Cap Formentor is awaiting you. To complete this challenge you will have to conquer Cap Formentor at least twice during the 10 days the challenge will be running. So get ready for a winter challenge in your own bike shed - or pain cave rather - and enjoy the virtual view on top near the famous lighthouse. And yes, we are giving away prizes again!   


How does it work?  

  1. Go to the Proximus Cycling eSeries platform   

  1. Click #2 Winter Camp Challenge and enroll. Is this your first time participating in one of our challenges? Then don’t forget to register first.   

  1. Open the RGT app and click on the challenge under ‘My Events’. You will automatically enter the virtual cycling environment of RGT. Note: if this is your first time cycling with RGT, you will have to link your email address to your Proximus Cycling eSeries account first. Go to “Your profile – games” to set this up.   

  1. You will start your challenging ride on the beach. Good luck!  

‘I’m in!’  

Prize pool 

This time it’s not about finishing as fast as possible. The number of times you conquer the Cap Formentor and thus the full 22.4 km ride might get you lucky now. You can spread out your training sessions between 5 and 14 February, the system will add them all up for you at the end of the ten day period. Will you be the lucky winner of the Earpods we are giving away to the man and woman who end up ascending Cap Formentor the most by 14 February? In addition, the first 300 participants to complete this challenge and thus climb Cap Formentor twice will also win a prize. They will get a voucher of 10 euros they can spend in the Proximus shop.  

All there’s left to do now is register and go on winter camp inside your house.  


Flanders Classics  


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