New partnership between La Passione and Flanders Classics

11 February 2021

Starting in the spring of 2021, La Passione and Flanders Classics will join forces. As part of the new partnership between the Italian brand and Flanders Classics, an exclusive Ronde van Vlaanderen collection will be launched by La Passione.    

The Italian La Passione is known for its high-quality cycling clothing, a partner and brand with which Flanders Classics is happy to collaborate. "Of course we at Flanders Classics are very happy with this new cooperation", says Tomas Van Den Spiegel, CEO of Flanders Classics. "La Passione will undoubtedly be a great match with our spring classics. We are also very grateful that a brand like La Passione, even in these difficult times, is not afraid to invest in the sport we all love. We are very much looking forward to working together."

The same enthusiasm echoes from Italy. "The classics in the north can be called special, or almost magical," says Giuliano Ragazzi, CEO & founder of La Passione. "I’m speaking as a fan and not as an entrepreneur when I say that this partnership is a dream come true. Loving cycling also means supporting its culture, history and the mix of unforgettable moments and iconic places that make this sport unique. For us, the atmosphere in Flanders is a priceless heritage of cycling, which should be preserved almost as a treasure. Flanders Classics is a modern organisation which is far ahead of its time, which unites races under one brand and which ensures that each race gets the spotlight because of its own character. Flanders Classics has created an identity and a story around the Tour of Flanders and has developed an almost legendary period, which is looked forward to every year, with its races from February to April."

Tour of Flanders collection

The new partnership will be celebrated with an exclusive Tour of Flanders collection from spring 2021. The graphics and design reflect the sensations you feel when riding over cobblestones. "The link between the Flemish classics and our brand lies in the desire to build on the prestige of the races in a modern way," adds Giuliano Ragazzi, "inspired by the simple and elegant style that has always distinguished our collections. Our intention is to convey certain emotions through our products."

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