Flanders Classics establishes safety steering committee

24 February 2020

Cycling races are popular and they get many people moving. Which means that the organization needs to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved, from rider to supporter. From 2020 on, Flanders Classics wants to further develop the existing regulations concerning safety by means of the new steering committee.

The safety steering committee consists of people with years of experience and expertise in cycling. By bringing together people with different positions in cycling, the new committee wants to focus on all aspects of event management, sports and the safety of riders and the crowd. Not by changing existing safety regulations, but by further developing them.

The steering committee will mainly work around the organisation of a bike race in Flanders, which differs from a race elsewhere in the world. With main focus on how to let such an event take place between enthusiastic fans and on Flemish roads. This goal has grown from the feeling that some processes or protocols needed to be modified in order to guarantee the safety of riders, public and employees as well as possible.

Composition of the steering committee:

  • 3 members of Flanders Classics
  • 3 team managers of UCI WorldTeams and UCI ProTeams
  • 3 members of the already existing safety team
  • 1 member of the C.P.A., Cyclistes Professionnels Associés
  • 1 advisor of Belgian Cycling (if relevant)

In addition, the safety steering committee will also invite other advisors to attend relevant meetings.


(c) Sigfrid Eggers

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