Flanders Classics and Bioracer launch a new clothing line

19 January 2019

Flanders Classics and Bioracer join forces. They bring one general Flanders Classics outfit on the market with six unique designs on top. Each of these unique designs refers to one of the six Flanders Classics spring races. As from now you can buy the new clothing line in the webshop.

A dark-coloured outfit has been chosen for the base Flanders Classics outfit. On the left side of the chest and on the back, Bioracer will print six symbols, each referring to one of the six iconic spring classics in the Flanders Classics portfolio.

Each race has its own colour, allowing Flanders Classics to link all the races together while simultaneously giving them each a separate identity. This colour can be found in the six unique designs, which are otherwise predominantly grey/black. The symbol of the race that the outfit reflects is displayed on the wearer’s upper left arm and left chest. All six Flanders Classics symbols are featured on the back.

With every outfit it is possible to order Flanders Classics accessories (cap, gloves and socks in dark color). For the Tour of Flanders outfit, Flanders Classics and Bioracer have developed a completely separate line of accessories with yellow accents.

You can buy your new Flanders Classics outfit here.   




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